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Why WinAudioMLS?
PRO EX Version
Comparision Table


Although MLS sequences are very powerful compared to simple dual FFT analyzers there is still room for improvements.

There are applications where it is desired to send signal energy in a certain frequency range, only.

Examples are measurements with midrange loudspeakers. With traditional measurement systems you need filters to remove the signal energy below a certain frequency. Omitting this pre-filtering leads to distortion or even damage.

WinAudioMLS LAB edition uses special designed and optimized excitation signals that only have signal energy in an arbitrary frequency range.

The picture below shows such 'chirp' signals in the time and frequency domain.


WinAudioMLS LAB edition includes all features of the PRO and PRO EX version plus the PRO version of the signal generator and a hardware protection key (dongle).

Please note that we ship this product with hardware key only.




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Last modified: Juni 05, 2003