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Demo versions of WinAudioMLS

WinAudioMLSdemo Version 2.2 (22. Okt. 2011 2.5MB setup.exe) 

The purpose of this demo is the following 

Show the user interface
Allow to check that the software will run on your system
Demonstrate  the speed of our solutions

Limitations of the demo version



WinAudioMLS product DLL upgrades


Freeware version of the signal generator



24 bit test version (output frequency is fixed to 777Hz)



Wow&Flutter Testgenerator



ASIO loopback

Our ASIO loopback driver is a virtual soundcard that sends its output directly to the intput. This feature is ideal to feed the signal generator to the analyzer without cables. This driver works also with other ASIO software like Cubase (TM) or WaveLab (TM). We offer a free version with stereo 16 bit and a commercial version with 192kHz 32bit and 64 channels. You can receive this program on request. More info
Please contact  to receive the free version.



General Documentation

WinAudioMLS.pdf   (main user manual 460pages 28MB  revision 26. November 2008   HTML version)

SignalGenerator.pdf (user manual for the signal generator)

WinAudioMLS_flyer (1 page).pdf


Special Features

USB measurement microphones

WinAudioMLS for automatic production tests for quality  checks

Comparison of MLS, FFT and sine measurments for frequency and phase response.
In this tutorial we compare three different techniques to measure the frequency and phase response. We measure an analog filter with MLS, a dual channel FFT analyzer and with single sines. 

Measurement of a 1kW power amplifier

Speedalyzer (wow&flutter) examples

Vectorscope / Goniometer plug-in

Specific Loudness plug-in


Our presentation at the 118th AES convention 2005 Barcelona: Synchronized add-on information for cinemas

Device test reports

Measurement report with EMU 0202  USB stereo interface with excellent analog perfomance (192kHz/24bit)

Measurement report with Presonus Firepod  Firewire card with 8 microphone pre-amps. Ideal for multi channel measurements.

Measurement report with RME Fireface800  Firewire Studio card with 56 channels

Measurement report with Digidesign Mbox  ext. USB with Phantom Power

Measurement report with MAudio 410 Firewire  7.1 channel device

Measurement report with Ceative Labs Audigy2NX USB 2.0 7.1 channel device

Measurement report with RME Digi96/8 PAD  high performance PCI card

Measurement report with TASCAM US122

Measurement report with Creative Labs MP3+

Measurement examples with several soundcards e.g. Creative Labs "Extigy"




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Last modified: Februar 05, 2013