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Welcome to Dr-Jordan-Design

              Member of the Audio Engineering Society.                


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Our Mission

We are your specialist for audio measurements, from software to turnkey solutions plus many add-ons.


We engineer professional audio measurement system. In addition to our core product, a software based real-time analyzer, we offer turn-key solutions including all hardware (calibrators, interfaces, microphones, loudspeakers).

We cover a wide range of applications e.g. room acoustics, building acoustics, long-term sound monitoring, production tests etc.

In addition, we offer full custom solutions in the area of measurement and digital signal processing.

For non-commercial applications and education facilities we offer our software products at special conditions.

Due to our large experience for many years we offer measurements as a service.

Do you need consultancy or workshops for modern acoustic measurements or engineer standards (e.g. DIN/ISO/IEC 60268-16 STIPA) at your site? Don't hesitate and contact us.




Plug-in for Audio Precision APX Framewwork to measure psycho-acoustics parameters (time-variant Loudness in sone DIN45631/A1 ISO532-1, Sharpness, Roughness, Impulsiveness) more

Akulap: Modules Psycho-Acoustics II und III. Time-variant Loudness sone according DIN45631/A1  ISO 532, Sharpness, Roughness, Impulsiveness more

Lab Measurements with our APX555 from Audio Precision more

We introduce our new flag-ship USB Measurement Microphone ATD5-T with dynamic from 15 to 143dB and frequency range up to 90kHz.more

Akulap supports the USB Interface DT9837A from Data Translation ( DC to 24kHz) with 4x ICP/IEPE inputs. This system is suitable for multichannel applications more

Akulap supports Picoscope PS4000 series for DC to 1MHz with 2x ICP/IEPE inputs more

Akulap measurement system for room acoustics, building acoustics and noise analysis more

Building acoustics according to  ISO/DIN 16283-1 DIN EN ISO 140 and DIN EN ISO 712. We cover sound insulation and impact level more

Driver library for Android to support external USB Audio devices. more...

High performance USB measurement microphones. Measurements were never easier  more...

We offer complete measurements bundles with software and hardware for room acoustics. more...

We offer our software for educational purposes at special very low cost. These packages are technically not restricted. More...

Long-term sound level monitor from seconds to months  more....


Did you ever think of creating a detailed measurement report, viewable with your favorite web-browser, with just one mouse click?. Here you will find an example for such automatic report.

Steinberg VST plug-in support. WinAudioMLS can load VST effect plug-ins into the signal processing chain.  more

Production tests. WinAudioMLS supports optimized automatic measurement runs with a wide range of pass/fail criteria.

WinAudioMLS creates automatic directivity plots with automatic turntables from Outline. more

Determination of tonal components of noise and determination of a tone adjustment for the assessment of noise immissions according to DIN45681. more

Reverberation This plug-in has been significantly revised and extended. It allows flexible measurement of RT60, RT30, EDT, Schroeder plot etc. It supports now a resolution of 1/3 octave.

Specific Loudness  This new plug-in calculates the specific Loudness based on the psychoacoustic models from Zwicker.

RIAA  (and inverse) filter for both the Analyzer and the Signalgenerator. This plug-in is ideal for turntable and preamplifier measurements. You can also filter .wav files with it. 

Filter designer to integrate a digital filter for both the signal generators output and the input of the analyzer. These filters can be used for noise reduction, specific notch filters etc.

Speed analysis for any rotating device far beyond "wow&flutter" measurements more...

Our presentation at the 118th AES convention 2005 Barcelona: Synchronized add-on information for cinemas


Beyond Stereo: WinAudioMLS supports up to 64 channels simultaneously. more about the new multichannel features


Most audio analyzers available today support the 16-bit Windows audio interface, only.
To utilize the features of modern soundcards our audio analyzer 'WinAudioMLS' offers the ASIO interface for full data rates up to 192kHz with 24bit dynamic.


read here more about ASIO


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Last modified: Juni 22, 2020