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Frequently Asked Questions

Does WinAudioMLS work with multi-processor/core systems?

Yes, it does. WinAudioMLS uses sophisticated multithreading techniques that even reach much better performance on multi-core systems. 

Does WinAudioMLS work with Windows Vista?

Yes, it does. But we recommend to switch off the "Aero" features, since they consume a lot CPU power. Currently, only a few soundcard manufacturer deliver drivers for Windows Vista. Therefore we do not recommend to use Vista until the driver situation gets better.

How does the software lock work?

You receive from us a special program that calculates a unique number from your PC. This is the HostID.
One example is:  x0012c848462419711b7b37b42873e5b91b79fe39e24
Send this number to us via Email, FAX etc. Please send us this number via Email to avoid typing errors. We will integrate this number into the retail version of WinAudioMLS.
After that, we send the personalized version of the software to you. This software will run only on the machine with this particular HostID.

My measurement PC is not connected to the Internet. Can I use the software lock?

WinAudioMLS does not use an Internet connection. Just calculate the HostID and send it to us.

I want to use WinAudioMLS on my Desktop and on my Notebook.

There are two solutions. Either you buy two licenses of WinAudioMLS or use the hardware protection key (dongle). The dongle allows you to run our software on any PC, which is connected to the dongle.  

I'm using Windows NT 4.0 or 95. Can I use the USB dongle?

Windows NT 4.0 and 95 do not support USB. You need the parallel port version of the dongle.

Recommended soundcards

Many people ask what is the optimum soundcard for WinAudioMLS. Today even onboard sound devices have performance, that allow serious measurements. Old 8-bit devices are not supported. 

Quality criteria for a soundcard are:

Signal to noise ratio
Frequency response
Supported sample rates
Analog or digital interfaces
Driver quality

Typically low-cost soundcards have a very poor microphone preamplifier. We strongly recommend a good external preamplifier for measurements with microphones. On our website we published some example measurements with typical soundcards.



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Last modified: März 01, 2007