Complete System for Measuring Room Acoustics IEC 3382

With WinAudioMLS you can perform a wide range of measurements for room acoustics. You can find a short description of reverberation time here. The complete description is inside the user manual.

WinaudioMLS uses highly sophisticated techniques like Maximum Length Sequences (MLS) or LOG-sweep to measure reverberation parameters
fast and reliable. In addition measurements via impulse excitation or switched noise are supported. Therefor WinAudioMLS supports all know techniques for measurements.

By using small notebooks , you can easily build a mobile measurement system.



The laptop and loudspeaker are not included in this package.



Easy measurement with a wizard for measuring reverbertion time accordinig to IEC 3382
Measurements results can be stored in an automatic report
Broadband calculation of reverberation time
1/1 and 1/3 octave resolution
Room impulse response measurement with MLS and LOG-Sweep (Chirp)
Measurements via impulse excitation or switched noise are supported 
Export and import of room impulse responses via .wav files
Plot of energy decay curve (Schroeder plot) 
Configurable to measure RT60, RT30, EDT (Early Decay Time) and others 
Measurement of clarity and definition
Selection of average range directly at the Schroeder plot using mouse 
Speech intellegibility  STI+RASTI+STIPA IEC 60268-16
Long term level (LEQ)
RTA with 1/1-1/32 octave resolution



This package includes the following components

Signalgenerator PRO
Plug-in Reverberation IEC 3382
Plug-in Speech intellegibility  STI+RASTI+STIPA  IEC 60268-16
Plug-in 1/1-1/32 octave RTA
Measurement microphone  1/2"
USB Soundkarte with phantom power   
Tripod for the microphone  more...
Sound level calibrator  IEC 60942  class  2  more...
Microphone cable  XLR 3m

All components have been carefully selected.

You will only require a PC or Laptop running Microsoft Windows and a suitable active loudspeaker. For mobile measurements we can recommend this active loudspeaker.

For precise measurements you will need an omni-directional soundsource (Dodekaeder).


This package contains hardware and software. The software modules are marked in the following table. If you already own the required equipment you can order a software-only package.


Article ID
WinAudioMLS PRO #1720
Signal Generator PRO #1201
Plug-in Reverberation DIN/IEC 3382 #3003
Plug-in octave+1/3 Octave RTA #3004
Plug-In IEC 60268-16 STI/RASTI/STIPA #3009
Dongle (USB oder LPT) #2001
Sound level calibrator  IEC 60942  class  2 #2005
Measurement microphone  1/2" #2152
USB Soundkarte with phantom power #5152
Tripod #2075
Microphone cable  XLR 3m #5001



Description ID
Complete system room acoustics #10001
Complete system room acoustics Software only #10001S

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