Multichannel analysis

WinAudioMLS supports up to 64 channel via the ASIO interface or from multichannel .wav files. All channels are processed in real-time.

All digital filters, averaging, windowing, weighting etc. can be applied to all channels.

Typical applications include:

multichannel recording studio analysis,

multichannel surround system analysis

multichannel noise, vibration and acceleration analysis

car audio competition (dB drag) to monitor several cars in parallel

audio supervision

and many more.

Below you find a screenshot with 16 active channels. The CPU load for full processing is 35% on a 2GHz PC.

We offer packages with 

4 channels

8 channels

16 channels

64 channels

WinAudioMLS requires an ASIO interface for multichannel support. All professional audio devices offer the ASIO interface. Please contact your vendor for details.

You can freely assign the input channels to the display channel. Each channel has an individual scaling factor.

You can use the multichannel option for the real-time analyzer (RTA) both with octave and 1/3 octave resolution.

Below you will find a screenshot with the octave RTA and 4 input channels.

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Last modified: Dezember 23, 2004