M-Audio Firewire 410


You will find a complete report at: Measurement report with MAudio 410 Firewire

External firewire solution with 

8 channel analog outputs 192kHz /24Bit 
" 2 front +2 rear analog inputs 96kHz/24Bit switchable "
Variable gain control for the front inputs
2 microphone inputs XLR with switchable phantompower
Mic. connectors supports XLR and " 
Switchable 20dB attanuator 
S/P-DIF optical/coaxial input+output 
2 headphone output with individual volume control
clip-LEDs display active output channels with 8 LEDs 
MIDI in/out

The card is advertised sometimes with "4+10". Customers might expect that this card has 4 analog inputs and 10 analog outputs. The front and rear analog inputs cannot be used simultaneously. The card has a total of 2 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs. The digital interface can be operated in parallel. This adds 2 input and 2 output channels. The ASIO drivers identify the card as a 4+10 device.

Bus powered 

The m410 can be operated completely (including phantompower) from the firewire interface. Please note that this feature requires the bigger 6-pole firewire connector. The smaller 4-pole firewire connector has no power supply. In this case the m410 requires an external power supply (12V/1A), which is included in the bundle. Most notebooks have the small connector, only.

Driver installation 

The drivers must be installed before the device is connected to the PC. The installation runs smoothly. Two reboots are required. The card requires Windows 2000 or XP.


The m410 runs much more stable than any USB device. The frequency response is flat up to 40kHz.  The card reaches up to 89dB(A) THD+N at the rear inputs. The front inputs show 3dB less performance. These values should be sufficient for most applications. The m410 has a rich set of connectors, which makes it ideal for many applications. All analog interfaces (except mic) are single ended so it is targeting semi-professional recording studios. The card has sufficient performance in the subsonic area allowing vibration analysis.



Description ID Price (Euro)
MAudio m410 #5101 499



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