Long-term Sound Level Monitor

We offer a module, which allows monitoring of sound levels over a long period of time. This system runs without user interaction and stores may statistical parameters or the sound level. Areas of application are: monitoring of airport, traffic, machinery, factories, public concerts etc.

The measurement time starts from seconds to months. You can adjust the level of details for your specific application. With very low details you store only one average sound level per day. But you can record the complete audio signal itself either uncompressed with full details or by using the mp3 format.

Our system for long-term measurement offer the following features:

real-time visualization

store all relevant statistical parameters

create a report

The system shows all measurements directly and saves the results to your file systems 

In addition to the software module, we offer a wide range of specific hardware e.g. microphones, calibrators etc. We cover entry level systems up to certified class 1 systems.

Multichannel: The system is scalable form 1 to 64 channels simultaneously


Real-time visualization

During a measurement you can monitor a rich set of parameters 

L EQ (A)

L peak (C)

Sound level with different time domain filtering  (F, S, I)

1/1 or 1/3 octave spectral analysis

Level vs. time

Automatic protocol

Within an adjustable time interval, sound level statistics are written to a file

L EQ (A+C+Z)

L peak (A+C+Z)

Sound level with time domain filtering  (F, S, I) and the frequency weighting (A+C+Z)


1/3 octave spectral analysis

Percentile L95% or L1%.


Based on the stored measurements data, you can create a report easily. This reports contains graphics, statistics, tables. etc. You can easily print it, archive it or use it in any word procesor.



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Last modified: Oktober 27, 2010