Application of WinAudioMLs in building acoustics

The demand for powerful measurement solution in building acoustics is growing.
With WinAudioMLS you can perform the following measurements

level analysis with octave or 1/3 octave resolution
attenuation of e.g. walls or windows
long-term measurements and logging for e.g. traffic noise
reverberation time
room impulse response
energy decay plot

WinAudioMLS makes measurements easy with the following features

display of all measurements in real-time
weighting of two microphones
can be calibrated
weighting with 'A' or 'C' curve
peak hold
measurements results can be easily transferred to your reports

Maximum-Length-Sequences (MLS) in building acoustics

Traditionally technician use pink noise for measurements. If you want to measure e.g. walls with high attenuation it is difficult to reach sufficient signal to noise ratio, without using high transmission power or excessive averaging.
With the sophisticated MLS-technique together with modern digital signal processing
algorithms, measurements are more efficient. The gain is typical 20-30dB.

higher signal to noise ratio (more accurate)
lower signal levels
less averaging required (faster)
only smaller amplifiers and loudspeakers required (portable)



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Last modified: Mai 22, 2003