Measurement card support for extended frequency range

WinAudioMLS has many applications beyond audio. The powerful analyzer is widely used for e.g. noise+vibration in the sub and supersonic area.

Many of these industrial applications require a frequency range from DC to 250kHz. Typical soundcards (example) have a low cut filter with -30dB at 1Hz. In addition the gain is not deterministic and requires calibration. Therefore there are limitations  for low frequencies (1-20Hz) in the important vibration area. 

WinAudioMLS supports the DS2200 and DS1M12 "Stingray" measurement card from
You can connect any sensor e.g. microphones, accelerator sensors, pressure, magnetic field etc.

We offer a driver that allows to the powerful analysis features of WinAudioMLS with these cards.

The advantage compared to soundcards is a frequency response down to DC and a preamplifier with controllable gain.

The benefits of this device are:

2 analog channels
DC-250kHz analog bandwidth
1Mhz sample rate
connection via USB without the need of external power supply
12 bit converter
BNC connector
built in calibrator
AC/DC coupling
reproducible gain in contrast to soundcards. This allows absolute level measurements.

Example measurements for the stingray (german)



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Last modified: Juni 11, 2005